Is sourdough here to stay?

It’s not often – especially in our adult lives – that we get to say we have a chance to start over. One could argue that when they get married they restarted to some degree although the more cynical would scoff and say you’re the same, but with more laundry.

Well, married or not, we think it’s safe to say that the Coronavirus outbreak has allowed the entire world to start again. As the world went into lockdown, and we were forced to spend weeks and weeks in isolation, show us the person who didn’t pick up a new habit or three, and we’ll show you someone who has been drinking bleach.

For some, it was taking to the streets for some exercise/get away from the family/ see the outdoors/show off their cute new mask. For others (raises hand guiltily) it was to open the fridge door every half hour, just to see if anything new had magically appeared since you’d last checked in. There were those, who changed from one set of pyjamas into their other set of pyjamas, and those who put on suits and ties to differentiate between the weekdays and weekends.

And now, as we begin to emerge from our isolated cocoons, all bleary-eyed and chip crumbs around our mouths, it’s time to decide which of the habits we have picked up over the last few weeks, will be here to stay. Will family dinners now become the norm? Will online zoom webinars be a monthly thing? Will home-workouts, sourdough and other culinary explorations be part of your weekly activities? Will remote working be on your list of asks? And for those really brave souls, maybe even home-schooling? 

How exactly is your new life going to look?

We’ve been given a chance here, a chance to completely take a look at our lives “before” and truly decide what aspects of it we want to keep going forward. We now know which people we need, and which ones we could do without. How to deal with conflict when there’s nowhere to storm. And how to bake banana bread.

Yes, this time has been rough. We have the exposed grey hairs to prove it. And we still aren’t quite sure what our future holds in the next few months going forward. But the one thing we can with utmost certainty is that we have all changed. So as we step warily back into the world, let’s try to ensure it’s a change for the better.

Love us,


Water does what?!

We get it, ever since you were a tot, drinking water has been drummed into your head alongside “no swimming after eating” so often, that it’s just become background noise. 

So what if we took a different approach? What if we explained to you why drinking pure water is so good for you – and even went as far as to say it’s not for the reasons you think?

You’re interested to hear more? Great. (Even if we know it’s simply because COVID-19 lockdown has deemed you powerless to be doing anything better.)

Speaking of COVID – it’s safe to say that at this point of Lockdown Day 11367, we’re all going a little dilly. Drinking water can help with that. Dehydration truly affects one’s brain structure and function. And so, when we give our body pure, delicious water – it really helps with thinking and reasoning, two of the things that seem to be amiss during these endless days indoors. 

Self-isolation has gotten us running (well, walking) to the fridge more times than we care to count. And while in moments like these, there’s no judgement – as we’re all in the same boat (well, couch ) drinking water can certainly help. Dehydration can lead to digestive problems, constipation, and an overly acidic stomach, so make sure to drink plenty of your BIBO’s goodness alongside those snacks. 

Times are stressful, and our blood pressure is feeling it. Whether this is caused by merely scrolling through your news feeds, or from those kids who seem to have multiplied into many more than you started out with – stress levels are through the roof. Giving your body the water it needs, will help maintain your blood pressure, and hopefully, keep you from throwing your phone (or a kid) across the room.

Sitting or lying around all day has not proven joint-friendly. And this gives us our final reason for drinking pure and healthy water. Cartilage, found in joints and the disks of the spine, contains around 80 percent water. So by not allowing ourselves to get dehydrated, we can increase our joint’s shock-absorbing ability and lessen our joint pain. 

Keeping hydrated is crucial for our health and well-being, and we have never needed those two things more. So by using your BIBO bar, or purchasing one here, you’re recognising that the time has come to look after you and your family when you really need it most of all. 

Stay hydrated, stay safe and stay home.

Love us,