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Pumpkin Soda Float… Trick or Treat?

You may feel like you’ve had enough spook for one year. And the thought of wearing another mask isn’t so tempting. But this Halloween trick may just be the best treat yet! Yes, you heard us correctly, we’re talking about a pumpkin soda float and dare we say it… it may just be better than […]

Seven Minutes

“You’re the best mom in the whole world. Even better than Ryder’s mom who once gave us chocolate for lunch.” If you’re a mom, you’ll know that these compliments don’t always come freely. You’ll understand that competing with chocolate for lunch will often result in failure. And you’ll also understand that competing with chocolate for […]

New home, who dis?

When a day’s outing consists of moving from the bedroom to the lounge, it’s safe to say that we have officially gotten used to lockdown.  Over 100 days in (what, only?) and it would seem we all have pretty much settled into some semblance of a corona- life routine. We wake up, take the optional […]

How to do your home/work.

Ah, 2020. The year sports was cancelled. Oh and the year the Coronavirus hit our world, of course. And suddenly we all found ourselves having to make major adjustments in a very short amount of time. One of the said adjustments has been working from home. Suddenly we found ourselves scrambling for office space amidst […]

Is sourdough here to stay?

It’s not often – especially in our adult lives – that we get to say we have a chance to start over. One could argue that when they get married they restarted to some degree although the more cynical would scoff and say you’re the same, but with more laundry. Well, married or not, we […]

Water does what?!

We get it, ever since you were a tot, drinking water has been drummed into your head alongside “no swimming after eating” so often, that it’s just become background noise.  So what if we took a different approach? What if we explained to you why drinking pure water is so good for you – and even went […]

Hello Homemade Lemonade

Out with the cold and in with the new. Spring is finally here. Use your BIBO fizz bar to add some extra sparkle to the new season by giving our Homemade Lemonade a go. Start by stirring up the lemon syrup and top it off by adding some bubbles to the mix. Here’s how it’s done. For the syrup you’ll need: ½ […]

Fizz Infused Clementine and Rooibos Tea

The sweet citrusy taste of the clementine, infused with South Africa’s much loved Rooibos tea, is a winning combo for your BIBO fizz bar. This delicious drink will have you bubbling with excitement. Ready, set, fizz… You’ll need: 1 ½ cups cold rooibos tea 1 ½ cups Clementine juice (pulp removed) sugar to taste To serve use: […]

The All You Can Drink Ginger Beer

Our Ginger Beer recipe is the perfect way to spring into the new season. It offers some fun and festivity and is a show stopper for guests. Like us, they’ll be asking for top-up after top-up so get your BIBO fizz bar ready and waiting.  Start by stirring up the ginger syrup and top it off by adding some bubbles to […]