What method of payment can I use?

We accept all major credit cards except for American Express and Diners. You can also pay via EFT or debit order

What colours are available?

We stock all 10 colours: Black, Blue, Cream, Classic Red, Cherry Red, Purple, Silver, Yellow, Green and Orange

Is the water really boiling?

Yes it is.

Does the BIBO bar use a lot of electricity?

BIBO bar uses less electricity than a kettle. BIBO bar’s hot tank is like a flask. Once boiled it retains the heat for a much longer period. A kettle loses the heat quickly and thus needs to be reboiled after 10 minutes. This is not the case with a BIBO bar. Also most people will fill half the kettle for 1 cup of tea or coffee. The BIBO bar only boils exactly what you use, has sleep modes and will go into standby mode when not used.

How chilled does the water get?

You can choose how chilled you want your water to be. BIBO bar can be set anywhere between 4-16 degrees Celsius. 4 degrees is frigid and 16 degrees is almost the temperature coming out of your cold water tap.

Does the BIBO bar need to be installed close to water?

No it does not. We can basically install your BIBO bar anywhere (as long as there are water pipes in the vicinity). Leave it up to us to make it work and look great. You won’t see pipe or fittings.

What child safety features does the BIBO bar have?

The BIBO bar comes standard with a safety lock. There is an additional lock that requires a sequence of buttons to be pressed on BIBO bar’s touch screen. If this is not completed correctly then the BIBO bar will not dispense boiling water at all.

How good is the filtration and what does the BIBO bar filter out?

The BIBO bar uses the latest technology in water filtration – Multistage carbon filtration in combination with the BIBO zapper purification system. The Multistage carbon filter removes Arsenic, Chloride and other such substances.  The BIBO zapper kills all bacteria and pathogens living in the water. Not only this but the BIBO bar will also leave all the good minerals in your water. Want to find out how great our filtration really is? Just ask Watermark who are one of the worlds leading certification bodies when it comes to water.

Can I install myself?

Sure you can. The BIBO bar comes with all the valves needed. It also comes with a step by step self installation guide. Not only this but one of our engineers would be happy to talk you through it on the phone.

I have granite, marble or cesar stone counter tops. Is this a problem?

No not at all. All our engineers are highly trained to deal with these types of stone counter tops. We use specialized diamond tools coupled with advanced water technology. This prevents any dust in your home or office.

How much pure water will the BIBO bar give me?

The BIBO bar plumbs into your main water line so the answer is: unlimited. The BIBO bar will produce 3-4 mugs of boiling water instantly. Thereafter one would have to wait a minute for the next load of water to reboil before being able to dispense another 3-4 mugs of boiling water. With regard to chilled water the BIBO bar will produce 1.5 liters instantly. Thereafter it takes a couple of minutes to get the next 1.5 liters chilled.

How often do I need to change filters?

The BIBO bar needs the multistage carbon block filter replaced every 6 months and the BIBO zapper replaced every year. If you sign up for our filters@home package we will track your BIBO bar’s filter needs and send you filters as and when you need them.