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BIBO bar filters

R 1,695.00

Your BIBO filter pack comes with a year’s supply of filters needed for your BIBO bar. This includes two BIBO MAXI filters and one BIBO zapper and free shipping nationwide. Remember your water is only as good as your last filter change.

Your BIBO bar’s interactive touch screen lets you know via a 10-day countdown when it needs a filter change. It’s so easy to change a filter-anyone can do it. No tools are needed.

Did you know that you can sign up for BringMeMyFilters? With BringMeMyFilters we track your BIBO bar’s filter requirements and contact you as and when you need filters. To sign up email us at hello@bibo.co.za.

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  1. Johann Slabber

    After fast you get Usain Bolt and then you get Bibo 👌

  2. oosthuizenkim@gmail.com

    Brilliant service

  3. Precious xaba

    Thank you for the prompt delivery as always, much appreciated.

  4. Mark

    Excellent service as usual – thank you!

  5. Kate Thompson-Duwe

    Love my BIBO and the filter ordering system is quick and so easy, just like the installation. Such a pleasure!

  6. Lynne Lorenz

    Can’t live without my Bibo!
    Online ordering is amazing, quick, easy and I received my replacement filters a day after ordering, now that’s what I call service!

    • BIBO

      Thanks Lynne for the review. May your – pure filtered – cup always run over. 🙂

  7. PetroS

    Service and delivery were quick. Staff member was friendly and efficient. Thank you for the kind assistance

    • BIBO

      We are so happy to hear you had a great experience. Thanks for taking the time to leave a review. 🙂 Wishing you many happy healthy drinks with BIBO.

  8. Zakiya Noor-Mohamed

    Service was excellent. Didn’t expect to receive my delivery so quickly. I love my Bibo….best investment ever

    • BIBO

      We’re so thrilled to hear you’re loving your BIBO. Thanks for the review. 🙂

  9. Sivashni SINGH

    Quick delivery and easy to install. Grateful for the extra filter! Thank you!

    • BIBO

      Wishing you many happy healthy sips. 🙂

  10. Elmarie

    Excellent product and service! thank you

    • BIBO

      Thanks for the great review. 🙂

  11. Karen@ragesa.co.za

    Great, friendly, service – very quick delivery and great product as always. Love that the machine reminds you with a countdown when the filter/UV light is due for replacement and you can order it in time so that you can replace it on the day it expires.

    • BIBO

      Thanks for the review! 🙂 Wishing you many healthy happy sips.

  12. Lucky

    Great to have Bibo to improve quality of water

    • BIBO

      Wishing you many happy, healthy, hydrating sips with your BIBO 🙂


    We have the UV filters. Only need the filters

    • BIBO

      Our filter pack contains all the filters you’ll need for a year. That is why we supply one UV as it requires replacement annually.

  14. Martin Treadaway

    Only my wife and I use the bibo and probably consume 8 litres per day on average
    On that basis the filter (with a capacity of 5700 litres should last 700 days not 6 months as it seems to last. Does the bibo measure the life of the filter in time or volume of water used. I am happy to.use the filter for longer that bibo allows. Please advise me

    • BIBO

      Hi Martine, thanks for the great questions. The 5700 litre stipulation is there for high-traffic use of the BIBO bar to ensure filter integrity. Similarly, the 6-month replacement is timed to prevent the breakdown of the filter membrane. Regardless of the amount of water being used, once the filter membrane is submerged in water for a certain period of time it will lose its efficiency. Therefore, we recommend replacing the BIBO filter twice a year to ensure that our customers are getting the purest possible water out of the machine. We hope this helps! 🙂

  15. marieta1

    Very quick delivery and great product as always. Very clever that the machine reminds you when the filter/UV light is due for replacement and you can order it time so that you do not run out of water.

  16. guy.lemmer

    Great products that last 12 month. It ensures that my Bibo Bar provides me with the clean water that we drink.

  17. sjpbotha

    Convenient to have a filter pack for 12 months.

  18. Jonathan

    Product delivered within 1 working day.
    That’s impressive service.

  19. tammy.bolon1

    Bibo is so clever – it tells you when you need a replacement – takes 5 seconds to order online and delivery is quick and easy. What a pleasure to know you have safe drinking water all the time.

  20. Catherine Swanepoel

    Well packaged with a quick delivery

  21. Debbie

    great to have a convenient back up pack that allows you not to run out of any of the replacements at the time when you need it. would be nice to run some specials on this product occasionally.

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