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BIBO bar filters

R 1,695.00

Your BIBO filter pack comes with a year’s supply of filters needed for your BIBO bar. This includes two BIBO MAXI filters and one BIBO zapper and free shipping nationwide. Remember your water is only as good as your last filter change.

Your BIBO bar’s interactive touch screen lets you know via a 10-day countdown when it needs a filter change. It’s so easy to change a filter-anyone can do it. No tools are needed.

Did you know that you can sign up for BringMeMyFilters? With BringMeMyFilters we track your BIBO bar’s filter requirements and contact you as and when you need filters. To sign up email us at hello@bibo.co.za.

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    • 1695 R


  1. guy.lemmer

    Great products that last 12 month. It ensures that my Bibo Bar provides me with the clean water that we drink.

  2. sjpbotha

    Convenient to have a filter pack for 12 months.

  3. Jonathan

    Product delivered within 1 working day.
    That’s impressive service.

  4. tammy.bolon1

    Bibo is so clever – it tells you when you need a replacement – takes 5 seconds to order online and delivery is quick and easy. What a pleasure to know you have safe drinking water all the time.

  5. Catherine Swanepoel

    Well packaged with a quick delivery

  6. Debbie

    great to have a convenient back up pack that allows you not to run out of any of the replacements at the time when you need it. would be nice to run some specials on this product occasionally.

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