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BIBO express2

R 4,999.00

The BIBO express2 is a one-of-a-kind unlimited boiling source, that boils water instantly and on-demand as it dispenses.

The cutting-edge technology within the BIBO express2 ensures that there’s zero waste of water, power, and time when making your favourite hot drink. It also happens to be packaged in one sleek, sexy and compact design and is fast becoming one of the most sort-after boiling water solutions for homes, offices, canteens and pause areas.

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All about the BIBO express2

UNLIMITED HOTNESS (to the power of 2)

o, we’re not talking about the Delevingne sisters, we’re talking about something even better. The BIBO express² is your unlimited boiling water source, boasting some of the most advanced features of its kind. Not only beautiful to look at, the BIBO express² is also safe, green, instant and can be mounted on any wall, anywhere.

Black Bibo Express Mounted to wall | Kitchen Photo | About the Bibo Express
Steaming Teapot and mug on tray photo | About Bibo Express Water Heating System


The BIBO express² is 2X faster, hotter, simpler, sleeker, and will result in 2X the amount of compliments than its predecessor. By completely rethinking the traditional way water is boiled, the original BIBO express turned the market on its head. And now with innovation at 2x the speed, the BIBO express² promises an even more exciting drinking experience.


  • Never wait again: From start to stop, receive instant boiling water at the touch of a button.
  • Never run out: Your cups will run out before the water does. The express withstands high usage, effortlessly offering endless boiling water for offices, pause areas, canteens, waiting rooms and homes.
  • Save energy, save your green: The cutting-edge design of the BIBO express² means you will be cutting power bills too. That’s because unlike other water boilers on the market, the BIBO express² has eliminated a hot tank, rather boiling water instantly as it runs through the machine. That means zero wastage of water and power. #DoYourBitForTheplanet
  • Pick your favourite spot: Yep, that’s right. You can put this little stunner anywhere. With its non-drip function, the BIBO express² does not need to be placed on top of a sink or drainage system. It is simply wall-mounted, easily installed, and safe to use.


Drop-dead gorgeous and incredibly innovative, the BIBO express² is the envy of kettles, urns and water boilers everywhere.

Bibo Express Dimensions Product Image | Heated Water System South Africa | About Bibo


We have a variety of rental and purchase options to suit you. We accept all major credit cards except for American Express and Diners. You can also pay via EFT or debit order.

We only require your ID number for rental and financed purchases. This is for administrative and billing purposes. All your information is safeguarded under our privacy policy.

Silver and black, of course.

We have a love it or return it 30 days guarantee. If you are not happy with your BIBO express2 within the first 30 days, you can return your BIBO express2 for a refund.

The 1-year warranty covers any issue you may have, excluding wear and tear. By buying the extra year’s warranty your machine will be covered for two years from purchase.

Unlike other water boilers on the market, the BIBO express2 does not have a hot tank.

There are a number of benefits to this including:

  • Energy-saving – hot tanks need to keep the water inside boiling, which requires energy. On the other hand, the BIBO express2 has no internal hot tank and does not need to maintain the temperature of the water inside. That’s because the water boils as it dispenses. 
  • Unlimited – because the water boils on demand, the BIBO express2 has an instant and endless supply of boiling water no matter if it’s in a high or low usage environment.
  • Can go anywhere – the BIBO express2 has a non-drip function. That means, unlike traditional water boilers, the BIBO express2 can be wall-mounted anywhere and does not need to be over a sink or drainage system. Now we know this got the interior designers smiling. 

Unlike a kettle, the BIBO express2 is plumbed inline and requires no refilling. It also only boils the exact amount of water you need and does so instantly while dispensing, preventing zero wastage of energy and water (in contrast to the kettle that you fill up to where you think you’ll need it and then keep reboiling). Lastly, no more waiting – the BIBO express2 is a time-saver, which for big tea drinkers like us can add hours back to your day.

Is the sun hot? Our water reaches boiling point.

The BIBO express2 is a boiling water solution only. It does however offer an option for room temperature water to be dispensed.
While there need to be water pipes in the vicinity, our team of installers are magicians when it comes to placing your BIBO express2 right where you had in mind. Leave it up to us to make it work and look great.

Our installation teams are available in Gauteng, Durban and the greater Cape Town area. If you’re not in one of these provinces, any one of your local plumbers will be able to do the job. You could also give it a try.

Sure you can. The BIBO express2 has a user manual detailing how it can be installed. And remember we’re a phone call away should you get stuck – our BIBO technicians would be happy to talk you through it on the phone.

The BIBO express2 has become one of the hottest appliances for homes, offices, waiting rooms, hotels, and pause areas and is suitable for both high and low usage situations.
The BIBO express2 comes standard with a safety lock.

Power: 3400W

Voltage: 230V

Power consumption: 0.09kw.h/24h

Plug type: standard 16amp 3 pin

Dimensions: 36cm W x 55cm H x 8.8cm D

We’re ready and waiting to help you. Please get in touch at hello@bibo.co.za so we can answer any questions.

User Manual

Download the BIBO express2 manual below


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