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BIBO: Turning the Tide on Energy Waste, One Hot Cuppa at a Time

There’s nothing quite like the thrill of the “55 Minutes To Loadshedding” warning we’ve become adapted to seeing a couple of times a day.

The race to plug in laptops, the run around to cook anything and everything, the time ticks down until the last minute, and you realize…

You forgot to boil the kettle.

With five minutes to go, you summon the superhero reflexes you always insisted to your spouse you didn’t have – and mid-boil, the lights go out. The kettle goes as quiet as your neighbour’s generator goes loud. The water’s lukewarm, and your dreams of a perfect cuppa go down the drain. So now you’ve wasted electricity, wasted water,  and didn’t even get the reward you needed. Frustrating, isn’t it?

Meet BIBO, the smarter, sleeker, and savvier cousin of your traditional kettle, here to make those electricity and water woes a distant memory.


BIBO: Redefining Energy Efficiency, One Boil at a Time

Let’s face it, your traditional kettle isn’t the brightest bulb in the appliance cupboard when it comes to energy use. It’s like that guest who overstays their welcome, hogging your electricity without a care in the world. Enter BIBO, the epitome of energy efficiency, designed to give you piping-hot water without sizzling your energy bills.

Consider our clients, the Besters from Cape Town. The kettle in their house was like an overzealous fan at a rock concert – perpetually ‘on’. Switching to BIBO, they discovered the joy of smart energy consumption. BIBO, with its fancy insulated hot tanks, retains heat just like that thermos flask you lost on a school trip in Grade 5. But unlike your lost thermos, BIBO only uses a wee bit of power each hour to top-up the temperature from just-below-boiling to piping hot.

The BIBO also has a ‘sleep mode’. Yup, BIBO likes to rest too, significantly cutting down on energy usage. This meant the Besters saved about R25 a month on their electricity bill. Not a bad way to fund that extra bag of biltong, right?

BIBO: Turning the Kettle Green, Literally!

BIBO doesn’t just stop at energy efficiency, it’s got bigger fish to fry – or, in this case, smaller water droplets to heat. While your trusty old kettle insists on heating up an Olympic swimming pool just for a cup of Rooibos, BIBO only heats the exact amount of water you need, reducing the Mt. Kilimanjaro of water waste to a mere Table Mountain.

But BIBO is not just about cutting down on waste, it also purifies your water with an attention to detail that would make Sherlock Holmes jealous. It removes harmful substances like heavy metals, chlorine, and even hormones, all the while preserving the good stuff. Your tea and coffee will thank you, and so will Mother Nature.


Saving Water: BIBO’s Got It In The Bag!

While your kettle insists on performing a dramatic over-boiling act every time you fancy a brew, BIBO only uses the water it needs. It’s hooked up in line, providing a constant supply of water without the drama of refills and spills.

This struck a chord with the Besters. With two thirsty teens and a hectic schedule, their kettle was working overtime, resulting in wasted water and electricity. BIBO proved to be the water-efficient superhero they needed, resulting in not just savings but also an eco-friendly pat on the back.

BIBO: The Future Is Here, And It’s Hydrating

With BIBO, every drop of water it dispenses comes with a quality and safety assurance that would make a helicopter parent proud. The BIBO MAXI filter and BIBO zapper work in unison, keeping the bad guys out while letting the good minerals party on in your water.

So, in the spirit of doing our bit for Mother Earth (and our electricity bills), let’s ditch the old kettle and embrace the future with BIBO. It’s not just about the pure, delicious water it provides, or the significant energy and water savings, or even the sleek aesthetics. It’s about embracing a sustainable lifestyle, one hot cuppa at a time. Cheers to that!



Q1: How much energy does BIBO really save compared to a traditional kettle?

A: BIBO’s innovative design and smart features can save you up to R25 per month compared to a conventional kettle. While this might not sound like a fortune, remember, small drops make a mighty ocean. Over a year, you could save enough for a delicious dinner out or an extra bag of your favorite biltong.

Q2: Does BIBO’s sleep mode mean I have to wait ages for my hot water when I wake it up?

A: Absolutely not! BIBO has been designed for a balance between energy efficiency and convenience. Its sleep mode only activates when it’s not in use for an extended period, but when you need that cuppa, it’s quick to wake up and spring into action.

Q3: I like my tea really hot. Will BIBO’s temperature drop affect my tea temperature?

A: While BIBO does lose about 5 degrees every hour, it continuously keeps the water just below boiling and gives a small energy boost every hour to bring the water to boiling point. So, your tea will still be piping hot, just like you like it!

Q4: How does BIBO help save water?

A: Traditional kettles often lead to water wastage when people boil more water than they need. BIBO eliminates this issue by heating only the exact amount of water required. Plus, with its inline plumbing, there’s no need for constant refilling and risk of spillage.

Q5: Does BIBO’s water taste different because of the filtration and purification system? A: Actually, it tastes better! The BIBO filtration system removes harmful contaminants and odours, improving the taste of your water. It makes your tea, coffee, or cordials taste so much better with water from BIBO.

Q6: Is BIBO difficult to maintain?

A: Not at all! The BIBO MAXI filter only needs to be changed twice a year, and the BIBO zapper just once a year. Simple and hassle-free, BIBO is designed to make your life easier, not harder.

Q7: Can BIBO handle the water demands of a large household?

A: Absolutely. BIBO is plumbed in line for an endless supply of water, making it a perfect fit for any household size. Whether you’re a family of two or ten, BIBO has got your hydration needs covered.