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BIBO fizz bar

R 1,349.00

If you can think it, you can fizz it. The BIBO fizz is the only sparkling drink maker in the market with its patented fizz infuser that creates a controlled release of pressure. That means you can carbonate any beverage you desire, not just water. It will also completely adapt to your preferences, allowing you to choose the amount of fizz in your drink. Now if your creative juices had started flowing, this one is for you.

Included with your BIBO fizz bar:

  • 60 litre CO2 Cylinder
  • 1 litre quick connect fizz bottle (in the same colour as your fizz bar).
  • 1-year free warranty.
  • Free shipping countrywide

All about the BIBO fizz bar

"I'll take that sparkling"

Sounds posh, doesn’t it? With the BIBO fizz, you’ll be posh spicing all day long, because unlike any other soda machines out there, the BIBO fizz will add bubble to anything. You bring the tea infusions, juice, water, flat beer, cold drink or wine, and our BIBO fizz bar will bring the sparkle.

how it works

Our patented fizz infuser creates a controlled release of pressure, which allows you to carbonate any beverage you desire. Our fizz bar will also completely adapt to your preferences, allowing you to choose the amount of fizz in your drink. It requires no electricity or batteries, is super simple to clean, and is easy to use.

why you need it

Besides for all the money you’ll be saving, and the healthier drinks you will be consuming, our BIBO fizz bar looks good too. Sleek, stylish and compact, our BIBO fizz bar will make the perfect accessory to any kitchen or pause area. What’s more, you can drink with the guilt of single-use plastic.


We have a variety of rental and purchase options to suit you. We accept all major credit cards except for American Express and Diners. You can also pay via EFT or debit order.

White and black, of course.

The 1-year warranty covers any issue you may have, excluding wear and tear. Also, a heads up, using another brand of gas cylinder will void the warranty.

Water, homemade ice teas, flat cold rinks, white wine – if you can think it, you can fizz it.

No, there’s no need for power or batteries when using the BIBO fizz.

Each CO2 gas cylinder can make up to 40 liters of fizz.

You can control the amount of fizz you’d like in your drink simply by deciding how many times to push down on the top BIBO fizz release button. 

Stop fizzing and wait for the bubbles to subside.

As soon as your CO2 gas cylinder is empty – you will know. 

It’s all done here, online with a few simple clicks. Simply add the amount of new CO2 cylinders you’d like and return your old ones for R100 back each. We’ll then collect the old ones and deliver the new ones straight to your door.

To maintain the integrity of your bottles, you will need to replace them 2 years after first use. Please remember to re/upcycle them once done.

The BIBO fizz comes with one 1-liter fizz bottle in the same colour as your machine. You can however purchase 500ml bottles or additional 1litres here online.

Think about what it takes to get one of your favourite sparkling drinks into your hands. First, there’s the manufacturing and making of the drinks, a whole world of logistics and transport right there, then there’s the production of single-use plastic bottles, and then comes transporting these drinks to your local store and to your home. By making your own homemade drinks, you create the small steps needed to make a big difference. Less CO2 emission and less single-use plastic in our world. 

We’re ready and waiting to help you. Please get in touch at hello@bibo.co.za so we can answer any questions.


  1. camidria

    My Bibo Fizz Bar is awesome!! We’ve had ours since 2018 and it’s still going strong, I love to make my own sparkling wine and zush up my own drinks! And the convenience of ordering our cylinders online is wonderful – great service!

  2. stelliocoutsides


    Everything is always better with bubbles boet! The best part is, reinvigorating a flat Coke Zero or spicing up my chick’s iced tea with some CO2! Best tasting sparkling water!

  3. micheal.goodman

    I have had a Bibo Fizz Bar for a few years now and it never gets old! In daily use and the simplicity of it makes it a pleasure to use. Better though than the machine is the outstanding and quick cylinder return service. Thank you!

  4. Chad

    This is my best buy of 2022. Really good product

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