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We understand that it’s impossible to be the best at everything.

In fact, we understand that it’s probably impossible to be the best at one thing. But we’re trying. And we’re getting pretty close. So while we had to dismiss dreams of becoming famous actors, figure skaters and politicians – we instead focused on becoming the best water innovators in the world.

Because at BIBO, we aim to make life simpler, healthier, classier and more environmentally friendly.

And we are proud to be changing the way South Africans drink water, by providing products that are healthy, delicious and great value alternatives to water dispensers, bottled water, kettles and trucks on the road.

Whether it’s at home, in your office or as a gift, we are looking at making the world a more exciting place, one sip at a time. 

We didn’t look good in the figure skating leotard anyway.

What others have to say about us

"What great service!  Thank you.  I'm delighted with this new addition to my kitchen."
Elizabeth St.John-Rose
January 31, 2024
"Thank you so much for the product and the incredible support."
Bev Milun
October 24, 2023
"I wanted to take a moment to express my sincere appreciation for the outstanding product and excellent service that you and your team have provided. Your attention to detail, commitment to excellence, and willingness to go the extra mile have not gone unnoticed. We are truly grateful for the top-notch products you supply. Additionally, I must commend your team for their exceptional customer service. Your responsiveness, professionalism, and dedication to meeting our needs have made our collaboration a seamless and enjoyable experience. It's rare to find a supplier that not only delivers exceptional products but also takes such good care of their customers. Your contributions have played a significant role in our office, and we look forward to continuing this fruitful partnership in the future. Please convey our gratitude to your entire team for their excellent work and dedication."
Irma Smith
October 9, 2023
"What a wonderful service. Thank you so much for the quick response and delivery."
Petro Schlebusch
September 1, 2023
"I am really loving my BIBO instant hot water and not having to wait for a kettle to boil but what I love most of all is the cold crisp and clean cold water, thank you BIBO. "
August 31, 2023
"A very big THANK YOU to you and your team. We appreciate your help with our Bibo... Truly the best Christmas gift as our Bibo is our most loved, used and highly recommended appliance in our home."
December 15, 2022
"We have 2 Bibo machines from you and despite the amazing machines, I really must commend you and your team for even better customer service."
Brigette Assad
September 28, 2022
”I can honestly say that dealing with you and BIBO has been an absolute joy. You guys operate on a superior level. My wife is beaming after your installation team did a phenomenal job and she loves the machine so far. Thank you for the experience. You could teach a lesson to most service providers out there, keep up the great work!”
Wade Keet​
August 30, 2022​
"I just wanted to say thank-you to your company and especially to [the BIBO technician] who did the installation. From the first contact we had with your business, everything was handled so professionally. The service was booked promptly by you, and [the BIBO technician] arrived ahead of schedule in mint condition. The installation was seamless, and he took the time to explain the functions in detail. The work was done so neatly, the clothing and the vehicle were spotless. It was such a wonderful experience. I wish your company great success and will definitely recommend Bibo to all I know."
Andre Mapolie​
August 5, 2022​
“I just need to say we have a BIBO for about 5 years in the office for hot and cold water. It was the best decision ever to get one. We love it.”
Hendrieka Schlebusch
June 11, 2022
”Just a comment, your staff are really amazing, Claudia has always spoken so highly of [your technician] and his amazing attitude and service. And I experienced the same with [another BIBO technician] now. You have amazing staff and service is something you don't experience much of these days so when it is this good, a compliment is definitely in order. They are high calibre guys!!”
Shawn Laggar​
June 6, 2022​
“I am already impressed with my new Bibo!!! I must compliment your installation team. Super professional, fast and really great installation work. Clean and neat. Thanks for a great product and installation.”
Natasha Kotze​
May 6, 2022​
“Thank you so much for the service. I just wanted to say that the guys you sent out were really good and so helpful. Really great service.”
Andrew Alves
April 13, 2022
“Just wanted to say thank you for the installation. So excited. Also your guys were so so nice and friendly and their work was beyond neat.”
Dena Pantanowitz
March 31, 2022
“We are very happy with our BIBO. I must complement [the BIBO technician] – he was such a pleasure to work with, he did an excellent job and was so efficient.”
Karen Joss
March 28, 2022
“Your technician was extraordinary. He has an exemplary service culture and an excellent way with people. He takes incredible pride in his work and made sure everything was 100% before he left.”
Mike Renzon
March 2, 2022
“[The BIBO installer] was very professional in his manner and approach. His knowledge of the Bibo machine was excellent. He and his co-worker followed full Covid protocols. [His] friendliness and operational skills are commendable and an asset to your company. Should I require future service from Bibo, I will always request that [he] attend the call out.”
Darren Assaizky
March 8, 2022
“Just to let you know that [the BIBO technician], who did our installation, was brilliant! So professional, knowledgeable and friendly! An absolute pleasure to work with! The training which he provided for my team and myself was also great.”
André Marais
26 February 2022
“[The BIBO installer] was awesome and my BIBO bar lifechanging. I’m also really enjoying the fizz bar.”
Pam More
February 24, 2022
“Well done!! Less than 15 min. I placed my order at 9:39. Empties was collected at 9:53.Now that is efficient!!”
Gerhard Van Deventer
February 16, 2022
“Thank you so much for your fast and friendly service! Your team that did the installation was amazing! Professional and well informed! They did a superb job!! Neat and tidy! I am very impressed with your company! Good service is hard to find! So well done!”
Nicolette Cillie
February 10, 2022
“Just love this company. So reliable . At 9 [the installer] arranged to phone and at 9.02 he did. All sorted. I think now I’m becoming a fundie.”
Bernice Gomer
February 7, 2022
“Thank you for your prompt and efficient service and the excellent service provided by your installer. His attention to detail, great communication skills, and ready smile made the installation process quick and easy. We are loving your product !!”
Sumayya Surtee
December 22, 2021
“Thank you so much for your help with the installation of the Bibo Machine. I must say I’m well impressed with the service and the installation. Your guys were extremely friendly and installed the machine exactly how I wanted it done. It’s not often in todays world that things are this easy.”
Bradley Venske
November 22, 2021
“We really appreciate all the effort that you went to for us. That is outstanding Customer Service.”
Ralf Dietrich
November 5, 2021
“I must compliment you and your team for great service – Thank you. [Your Installer] did an excellent job on Friday. Thank you for accommodating us and squeezing in the installation. Our client is very happy with the BIBO unit. I hope we can do a lot more BIBO express installations together.
Vanessa Kramer
November 3, 2021
” The installation was most professionally done, thank you and everyone just loves the Bibo! It’s neat, looks smart, compact and provides us with the whole spectrum of water options.”
Annelle Grobler
November 1, 2021
“This is a quick message to thank you and the team for the outstanding service that your company delivered with the installation of the Bibo at my house. As a business owner myself I appreciate feedback from customers. Your guys from the tech team that came to do the installation today were absolute gentlemen, they were meticulous with the tasks and extremely neat and knowledgable (and interesting to chat to). They knew the product and the machine inside out and gave me a great demo. They also went out of their way to check if I was happy with everything and I was really taken a back by all of this.”
Roger Goode
October 22, 2021
“Once again I want to say a very big thank you for the excellent service, from beginning to end. [The technical team] were so professional as usual.”
Duran Ribeiro
October, 13 2021
“Just to let you know that I absolutely love my Express Water Boiler. It is even better than sliced bread. I had a [brand name] one cup that lasted for 14 years. When it decided to give up the ghost I searched everywhere for something similar. I just couldn’t go back to boiling water in a kettle. My husband found your express water boiler so I thought I would take a chance. Well it was a chance worth taking as I have no regrets at all with the purchase. It is about a 1000% better than my old [brand name] and I don’t have to keep topping up the water. What a pleasure. I make at least 20 cups of tea every day… Thank you for making my life so easy.”
Barbara Billinge
September 7, 2021
“Thank you so much for the very prompt service. Never experienced service like this before.”
Michele Du Plessis
August 23, 2021
“Thank you! You guys make Amazon look like amateurs!! Amazing”
Colin Davidson
August 5, 2021
“I wanted to thank you again for all your help and the company in general for the great service and exceeding expectations by miles. These things really make a huge difference.”
Lawrence Smith
August 3, 2021
“So impressed by your company’s service. Ordered and paid for BIBO and was delivered today! Thank you so much!”
Tammy Martin
August 3, 2021
“I got my Bibo in 2012, I’ve had noting but exceptional service from the Bibo team, thank you, you guys rock.”
Phillip Du Plessis
29 July, 2021
“I just wanted to take the time to compliment you and your team on the excellent service we received. We could never have imagined how quickly and easily both sales and installation process went. The installation team also blew me away. So professional and friendly and patient! We will definitely be showing off our new Bibo to everyone we know as soon as it’s safe to have people over again.”
Yolandé Rose
July 8, 2021
“I would like to thank [the BIBO installer] for his excellent and professional service. He is an asset to the BIBO team.”
Ebrahim Dinat
July 5, 2021
“Just a note to thank you for your super fast service!! I could not believe that I received the delivery not even 2 hours after I placed it! Keep up the excellent service. ”
Monika Silversten
June 29, 2021
“I’d like to make special mention of the gentleman who installed our machine, he was so knowledgable and client friendly, was so impressed with the service.”
Shreya Somera
June 3, 2021
” The technician is always so friendly and helpful. Really like him. Appreciate the service all round.”
Lara Sandler
June 3, 2021
“Just a note to thank you for your super fast service!! I could not believe that I received the delivery not even 2 hours after I placed it! Keep up the excellent service. ”
Monika Silversten
June 29, 2021
“Service has been impeccable. Thank you so much!”
Claudia Figueira
May 21, 2021
“Keep meaning to message you to tell you how much I love my BIBO.”
Howard Feldman
May 13, 2021
“We would like to commend [the BIBO installer] and BIBO for the great service. [He] worked so professionally and made sure everything was clean and put back in place. What a pleasure!”
Clare Hards
April 21, 2021
“We are absolutely LOVING [our BIBO bar]!!! Thank you so much!”
Nicol Pappas
March 31, 2021
“Just to let you know I have received my BIBO with your converted fitting. Installation was a breeze. Thank you. We have been using the BIBO for about a month now. What a pleasure. Even my sceptical wife is a convert now. Only the best of service from BIBO from first enquiry to delivery to after delivery support offers and info.. And those videos are great.”
Andre Matthee
January 6, 2020
“I wasn’t home when [the installer] installed the BIBO. My Mother has asked me to let you know that she is very impressed with [the installer], he is an outstanding worker and is very pleasant to be around, has an excellent presentation and everything he did is very professional. My mother said that he left us with a very positive feeling.”
December 30, 2020
“We absolutely love our BIBO and BIBO fizz. Besides the extremely stylish design and aesthetics the functionality on a day to day basis makes like that more special and enjoyable. Makes an insane wedding gift and house or office warming gift. Once you have them you can’t manage without!!”
Mandy Gilder
November 12, 2020
I just want to let you know that [your installer] was absolutely fantastic. Wow! What a gem. His work was efficient and tidy. He took his time to explain how the machine works. Asked us if we had any questions. Took the time to speak to my kids and explained to them the dangers of the hot water. I was super impressed. A definite asset to your company. And as for the Bibo machine ….. so far very impressed!”
Christina Bakos
November 10, 2020
“Thank you so much for sorting out our BIBO so efficiently and so quickly! I just wanted to tell you that [your technician] was fantastic – he sent pics and summary of what was wrong and basically fixed the unit in 2 hours – he is a real gem do not let him ever go!!!!”
Ewa Winczewski
October 28, 2020
“Thank you so much for the speedy service, I would just like to say that your technician is a an absolute asset to your company, he is such an amazing individual and always helpful in anyway or form, such super star.”
Gazelle Capazorio
October 7 2020
“Just want to thank both of you for such incredible service My Bibo is better than ever and looks so good now its bright and shiny You do realise I am a BIBO addict and am hooked for life.” “You the Best company I have ever dealt with“
Irene Fine
August 26, 2020
“Thank you for your excellent service and best most used appliance in our house !”
August 11, 2020
“Since having purchased our BIBO in Joburg we relocated to Shelly Beach, KwaZulu Natal, and found we had a problem with our BIBO. We contacted [BIBO] who in turn put us in contact with [the technician] who has been the most wonderful support. Both personnel have gone to great lengths to assist us, which is very much appreciated as, due to our age, we have been in self isolation since before Lockdown. [The technician] has been incredibly helpful, patient and pleasant….he is an excellent asset to your Company. Please thank them…they have done BIBO proud.”
Alison Peterson
August 5, 2020
“What great service I got from Bibo. I ordered my Bibi Fizz online on Sunday and received it by Monday afternoon. And here I was expecting it in a week. I have since been loving the sparkling water. I ordered another 1 liter bottle with it but I should have ordered a 500ml bottle instead as I did not realise that you might need a smaller bottle because you need to fill the bottle up to a certain level. So my advice would be to have 1 liter and 500ml bottle if you buy a Bibo Fizz. I am loving my Bibo Fizz!!! Thanks for the quick delivery!! Much appreciated.”
Helga van der Schyf
July 22, 2020
“I have to say we were very impressed by the service we had from both the sales and service people. I couldn’t believe that it took such a short time to install the unit.”
Stephen Ashford
July 16, 2020
“I just want to say thank you for the fantastic service that I received from you guys. In a world where you have to beg to get anything done, this was a refreshing and awesome surprise.”
Sandra Viljoen
July 13, 2020
“I don’t think there is a rating high enough I can give the team that assisted us in getting the BIBO from you into our home. From the assistance from… the office to the absolutely lovely gentlemen that installed the BIBO this morning… They were very professional and didn’t leave my home in a mess. The job they performed was absolutely amazing and everything is so neat. You can’t see any pipes and cables. They were friendly and very helpful. They adhered to all lock down protocols. I will definitely be referring you to all my friends and family… Thank you once again for the amazing service. Now it’s time for us to enjoy our new BIBO.”
Duran Ribeiro
June 23, 2020
“We are loving our new BIBO!! Thanks very much for the very professional, clean and friendly installation service. We would definitely recommend you to our friends and family.”
Samantha Boyd
May 26 2020
“Have my BIBO for almost two years, can not do without it. Ordered filters yesterday, received this morning. So simple to order on website, was kept informed every step of the way. Excellent service. Thank you.”
Ismail Varachia
March 25, 2020
“Everyone is happy. It is our second BIBO at the office and we have one at home as well.”
Rassie du Preez
March 6, 2020
“Thank you so much for your speedy assistance with this. I told the customer you guys were amazing, but I’m sure she was bowled over anyway ;)”
Tami Magnin
March 3, 2020
“Ah amazing! BIBO seriously is just the best, and your customer service really is top of the line. I’m a total BIBO lover – and have sent many, many, many friends your way!”
Nura Suleiman
February 18, 2020
“The most efficient company ever. Placed my order for a refill last night and it arrived today! Unreal service!”
Lindsay Frankish
February 12, 2020
“I’ve just had my BIBO installed. Wow what an amazing, professional installation team. Thank you for the great service and workmanship.”
Beverley Shiel
February 12, 2020
“[your team] were brilliant – was not an easy installation. Thanks so much for suggesting the demo model”
Karyn Jardine
February 07, 2020
“I once again want to thank you for outstanding service delivery – I placed an order for the exchange of the Bibo Fizz cylinders. The collection of the empty cylinders was done during the course of the morning and the delivery of the full canisters was done yesterday before 15:00. We are using our Bibo Fizz for about four years. The service of the Bibo Bar is also very good, as we had to replace our unit early this year. Nothing was an issue for the team assisting in changing the colour panel, providing a loan unit and installing the new unit. It is a pleasure doing business and using products of a company like yours.” `
James Hayes
November 19, 2019
“Installation was excellent [the team] was superb and very friendly. They know exactly what they were doing and I’m very happy with the installation.”
Andre Jooste
October 25, 2019
“I just want to say thank you for your astoundingly quick service yesterday. I placed my order at 8am and it was delivered before midday! I was blown away! Keep up that fabulous work. I will certainly recommend your product (we’ve been using Bibo for years) and your excellent service to my friends.”
Angela Meneses
October 18, 2019
“I haven’t had such good service in a very long time. They have left me with a smile on my face…. They were just also very friendly and professional and I cant praise them enough!”
Abby Shawe
October 16, 2019
“Thanks a mil for such amazing service. We are most happy with our BIBO.”
Kerry Penny
October 10 2019
“Brilliant service so far, and very impressed with the technicians who completed the installation.”
Pieter Prins
October 3, 2019
“I haven’t had such good service in a very long time. They have left me with a smile on my face…. They were just also very friendly and professional and I cant praise them enough!”
Abby Shawe
October 16, 2019
“Thanks a mil for such amazing service. We are most happy with our BIBO.”
Kerry Penny
October 10 2019
“Brilliant service so far, and very impressed with the technicians who completed the installation.”
Pieter Prins
October 3, 2019
“Thank you for your great service.”
Shariney Saint
September 17, 2019
“Very happy with the purchase and the Red is awesome!”
Darryl Brook
August 29, 2019
“I am so happy my BIBO is up and running again – thanks again for the great service and the great team you sent… I can highly recommend BIBO to everyone!!”
Vivienne Metz
August 15, 2019
“Wow, ordered yesterday afternoon, delivered early this morning already! Phenomenal service, as always, thanks so much!”
Hennie Meyer
August 1, 2019
“I just wanted to say THANK YOU !! Your company has been unbelievable! … Today I ordered replacement filters for our home BIBO bar & incredibly I received the package 5 hours later! Your service is remarkable and your staff are a pleasure to deal with!!”
Dr Megan Fisher
July 10, 2019
“Great service and speedy installation.”
Farzana Abraham
July 4, 2019
“As always your service is exemplary!!! My in laws love the machine and I’m so grateful that it was done before father’s day. Thank you so much for the outstanding service! You guys rock !”
Preeya Ramjee
June 15, 2019
“You have an exceptional team. So far so good… At this point everyone is enjoying the BIBO bar, beats and urn or kettle waiting period.”
Shoneez Noble
14 May, 2019
“Thank you for the great service.”
Bernard Fourie
May 10, 2019
“Bibo – Service is 110 out of 100%. Brilliant. Thank you so much!”
Debra Batzofin
May 7, 2019
“I have just arrived and found BIBO already installed. It is very efficient and we are enjoying the fact that we can drink pure water at the desired temperature. So far so good! Thank you for such prompt, efficient service! We are really impressed!”
March 13, 2019
“I just wanted to send you some feedback on the team that did my re-install. They were superb! Extremely friendly, helpful and knowledgable. The installation looks fantastic!”
Lisa Sack
February 28, 2019
“I would just like to thank you for the professional manner in which my BIBO was installed and I would like to make special mention of how your BIBO installer conducted the entire installation. His manner was incredible.”
Caryn Scott
21 January, 2019
“Best addition to our office. After renting a cooler and buying water for years, the cost of the BIBO was written off in one year.”
Tracey Pace
December 8, 2018
“Just a special word of thanks for the service that we received today from BIBO, I ordered three cylinders for the BIBO Fizz. I was surprised that the collection and delivery was done today! GREAT service team! And it remains a joy to use our BIBO Water and Fizz! Thanks very much!”
James Hayes
November 8, 2018
“I must commend you and your company for an excellent service, which is a massive bonus for an already impressive product. We look forward to a long relationship with you.”
Liad Hadar
October 25, 2018
“I have really appreciated the excellent service provided to me by two members of your BIBO team. They both provide prompt, reliable service and do not lose patience by my ‘too many” questions! Friendly, helpful and very knowledgeable about your product. ”
October 21, 2018
“We are very happy with the BIBO… Thanks again for the great installation and customer service.”
Luis Correia
September 10, 2018
“I am so impressed with your communication with all the elements to do with your product. Will definitely be singing your praises!”
Pam Shaw
June 7, 2018
“We are loving our BIBO. If we had to be stranded on an island with a choice of only three things to take with, BIBO will definitely be one of them!”
Maryke Thomas
June 7, 2018
“I wanted to thank you guys for an excellent experience with BIBO. From the site visit to the installation – you guys have been awesome. ”
Theo Smit
May 24, 2018
“Just to say thank you for installing our BIBO. You have 2 wonderful guys. Very polite and professional – a pleasure to deal with!”
Maree Clasen
April 11, 2018
“Just wanted to let you know that the BIBO installers are really excellent at their jobs. I work in property management and work with contractors all day. Not only were they exceptionally good at knowing their product and getting it installed and running quickly but their workmanship and level of care with the items in my kitchen was amazing. They wouldn’t let me help move anything around and at the end I saw they had repacked my cupboards just as they were and had not left any mess. As I said I work with contractors every day and this level of service is really rare. Well done! ”
Jenna Blend
March 30, 2018
“Thanks very much for the great service!”
Steven Blend
March 22, 2018
“They LOVE it! Thank you – best invention ever!” Anita Gardini - March 13, 2018
Anita Gardini
March 13, 2018
“We are Bibo’s greatest fans!”
Janelle Wessels
March 2, 2018
“Thanks for the installation yesterday. I must compliment your two guys – they really deliver a top class service and installation.”
Basil Peetz
February 28, 2018
“Thank you for the superb service… It took a few minutes to install; professional and really nice guys.”
Stanley Green
January 24, 2018
“I just want to compliment you on our BIBO – the little thing is amazing!”
Juan Crous
“Thank you for your wonderful service. We are very excited and happy with our Bibo , just makes our lives so much easier – not sure why we did not do this long ago. Your installation team are a credit to your company. They were very polite and professional. Called to say they were on route, which was helpful. The job was a tricky one but that was no obstacle for them. They had to cut a hole in the kitchen drawer unit to get to the water supply but gave them a jig saw and they were more than happy to get the job done. Thank you for great service – makes a nice change.”
Simonne Starck
November 21, 2017
“Thank you so much for your help & outstanding service !! We are thrilled with our Bibo ! You have been too wonderful Dovi & we sincerely appreciate it!”
Megan Fisher
November 19, 2017
“Don Tager rated BIBO Water South Africa 5 out of 5 stars: “Have had my BIBO just on 3 years, boiling water…”
Don Tager
November 9, 2017
“Don’t know what we did without one. Very happy with ours and worth every cent to ensure quality hot or cold water”
Trevor Davis
November 2, 2017
“Dearest Laurence Thank you very much for the installation of my unit yesterday it is the most brilliant innovation I love it!!”
Lojanka de Wet
October 27, 2017
“Absolutely love my BIBO. The initial lay out may be big but the long term cost saving is great. Amazing product that is part of the family now!”
Dinah Unterslak
August 3, 2017
“Best thing we ever did – had endless drama with the water company we had, haven’t looked back since we chucked them out and installed a BIBO. I moan when I have to wait for a kettle to boil when I’m not at home!”
Carly Lurie Mervis
August 1, 2017
“Our BIBO was a game changer-we absolutely love it Filters are not an issue – you change every 6 months or so and their customer service is great- you buy filters online and they send them within a day or two.”
Andy Milner Cohen
August 1, 2017
“Love love our bibo! Kids use it all day !”
Stephanie Shirazi
August 1,2017
“Thanks so much! Our client loves the machines and seem to be very happy with them.Thank you! We appreciate the installation and follow up!”
Siobhan Coetzee
July 31,2017
“We have enjoyed the BIBO tremendously and believe the installation has gone well”
Costa Economou
July 17 , 2017
“This is one of the best appliances one cannot be without! We love our BIBO! Thanks for the efficient support at any time.”
Diana Vermeulen
July 7, 2017
” We love our Bibo so much that we have bought a second one for our farm house. What an amazing product”
Tracy Goddard
April 19, 2017
“Thank you. Your company’s service is something very impressive and we really appreciate it!”
Margot Swanepoel- Yuppie Chef
February 2,2017
“Thank you for such quick and efficient service. I have received the replacement zapper. Not many companies can deliver this kind of service. Sincerely appreciated”
Yanni Yang
January 16, 2017
“My family absolutely loves our Bibo, my boys are drinking more water than ever – they LOVE pressing the buttons! Although, I had no doubt that it would be a hit, because I love ours at the office so much. My husband was at home when Mark came to install our machine, and he said that Mark was really great throughout the whole installation and setup process. He was very pleased with the service we received”
Tamiya Stone
January 12, 2017
“Thanks so much for organising Marc to install my Bibo – I love it and the Fizz, and look forward to a long and happy relationship. Marc did a sterling job and is to be commended for doing the right thing when I really did not know what I wanted. Also, I have never, ever come across anyone in service cleaning up after themselves. Thanks again and please tell Marc how pleased I am with the service received”
Trudi Moore
January 10, 2017
“I received my Bibo Fizz delivery yesterday! Thank you for the fantastic service once again. What a wonderful company to deal with. You will be highly recommended by us”
Leigh Reekie
December 21, 2016
“A HUGE BIG THANK YOU for getting my Bibo to me so speedily. You guys are really super awesome… I absolutely love it and I would recommend it to anyone. Not to mention the service, it is absolutely world class! Installation took 10 minutes and to fix the hot water issue took less than 5 minutes. My Bibo is fully intact, running smoothly and happily and I am an extremely grateful customer. Well done on this product and your superior service during and after sales”
Morne Coetzee
December 6,2016
“Wow, what amazing service! I received my order today already. Thank you very much.”
Alison Chait
December 5, 2016
“Wow… excellent customer service!! Thank you so much for the swift response.”
Tharsha Adamstein-Stonehage
November 23, 2016
“We’ve had great service so far so we’re happy – thank you!”
Ruth Drotsky
November 22, 2016
“Thank you for the prompt and efficient attention.”
Michael Harrison
March 1, 2016
“Just a note to say thank you. The chap that installed the machine was exceptional…! You have a gem in him as an installer.”
Dominic Oettl
January 21, 2016
“Firstly your installer,Marc, was excellent, extremely friendly and very knowledgable. The Bibo is outstanding, I can’t believe I waited so long to get one, thanks again.”
Grant Sachar
January 17, 2016
“Thank you very much- we are super excited to have our BIBO, we love it. Marc, who came to install our BIBO, was really nice, friendly, patient and took time to really explain it all to me- 10 stars for first class service!”
Nomfundo Zakwe
December 21, 2015
“Hi Fiona Just a short note to thank you guys for the wonderful service provided by BIBO. There are not many companies that know what good service is all about. They could learn from BIBO. You guys are simply wonderful. Convey our sincere appreciation for always looking after us. Thank you once again.”
Arvind Naik
July 30, 2015
“I just wanted to say what a pleasure it was ordering our Bibo from you.What a wonderful product and what a wonderful experience to deal with your company.We’ve had our Bibo around 4 months now and use it probably 20 times a day for baby bottles, tea and coffee etc. Its brilliant!Thanks again!”
Doug Reekie
July 21, 2015
“We can’t wait to use our BIBO. Just to also say thanks for the prompt delivery, and we were very impressed by your guys who installed the machine, they were highly professional, knowledgable and passionate about the product. They did a brilliant job.”
Georgina MacRobert
July 21, 2015
“I received the filters and managed to change it. You are right it is so easy! ! Much appreciate your services and BIBO!”
Liliane Ntibahezwa
May 8, 2015
“WOW is all I can say! The level of service we have received has been unbelievable! Thank you!”
Steven Grup
May 6, 2015
“The BIBO is, without a doubt, the best product I have ever purchased! It has saved us a fortune in terms of bottled water and is also super convenient when needing hot water instantly like when making bottles for a baby. Not only is it the best money we have spent but the service from BIBO has been beyond spectacular. Keep it up, you deserve to do fantastically well! ”
Amanda Shapiro
April 9, 2015
“Hi Fiona, Thank you so much. We are loving it already, your installation were fast, neat, efficient and professional. Thank you so much for the brilliant service.”
Ayelet Gochin
April 15, 2015
“Afternoon Laurence,Thank you. All went well and we love our Bibo! Will recommend it to all.”
Marianne Gous
April 14, 2015
” What an awesome machine!!! But the real clincher is your service – I am telling everyone, Facebook and TWEET – what a breath of fresh air!!! I will recommend the product and service to anyone. Thank you.”
Debbie Lubbe
28 January 2015
“Fantastic machine. We have had it since December 2011. Installed within 48 hours. Both installation and office staff extremely helpful and friendly. It has already saved us a fortune in filters for our old kettle. Worth every penny.”
June 29, 2013
“From my intial call to the day of delivery We had an excellent service from Bibo. Love the Bibo. Does exactly what it says and with ease. Thank you Jonathan and the Team. PS: Arrived exactly on time and fitted without any fuss. A first in our experience of dealing with companies.”
Veen and Sheila
April 08, 2012
“I love my BIBO, I have had it for two weeks, I only have a small galley kitchen but my silver BIBO sits very neatly on the side where my kettle used to be.even my husband loves it!!! I find it very convenient when cooking veg ect. Only negative thing to say about it, it can be a little noisy when the fan kicks in you really only notice this when the house is quiet on an evening!!! But to get round that we now set our BIBO to a sleep period between ten at night and five thirty in the morning, no fan noise!! And saving energy!! If you are thinking of buying a BIBO go ahead and do it.”
April 28, 2013
“My BIBO machine was purchased and fitted within 2 days by Sam. I also ordered one for my parents the following day and Sam managed to do their fitting after mine without problem. I am not a gadget person but have to say it is a fantastic machine, far better quality water than my previous cooler. I love the instant hot water, so much better than waiting for a kettle and the sleep mode when it saves energy. So “Thank You” Jonathan and your friendly efficient staff for what must be the coolest water cooler out there. So good to find a company that takes care of the needs of their customers.”
Karen Hazelton
April 05, 2013
“We are absolutely delighted with our BIBO which has far exceeded our expectations. The whole process of enquiring, ordering, installing and starting to use our machine has been an absolute pleasure. I will recommend BIBO to everyone.”
David Kerr
April 06, 2012
“Excellent customer service from all the team and an excellent product, had it since August 2011 and wouldn’t be without it.”
Ray & Janyne Latimer
March 15, 2012
“Thanks to Sam for an excellent installation,thanks to the team for speed and efficiency all round. A great product. Anyone considering one of these, go for it, you will not regret it.”
Ernie Allison
February 10, 2012
“Many thanks to Sam for a clean and tidy installation. Thanks to Bev in office for her attention to detail. Our thanks also to Frank & Les Morpurgo for recommending Bibo. Gordon & Ellen Fraser Rainham Essex.”
Gordon Fraser
February 07, 2012
“Great service. Ordered at 8.50 this morning phone call before 10 o clock. Machine delivered and fitted before 2.30 pm on the same day the wife is really pleased.That’s how businesses should work will recommend this company to anyone.”
Peter Readman
February 01, 2012
“Fantastic machine. We have had it since December 2011. Installed within 48 hours.Both installation and office staff extremely helpful and friendly.It has already saved us a fortune in filters for our old kettle.Worth every penny.”
Frank Morpurgo
January 10, 2012
“From the order, to the swift phone call to book install, to the very tidy install and excellent demo!! First class service. Oh and the product, how did we EVER do with out it, fantastic.”
Karl Rugeley
January 08, 2012
“Excellent customer service. Thank you.”
December 30, 2012
“Have now had my black BIBO for 3 months and I still love it. I would hate to go back to a kettle and filter jug again.To anyone thinking of buying a BIBO, DO IT you will NOT be disappointed and it is worth every penny. ”
Alison Davis
December 22, 2011
“We have had our BIBO for just over a month – how did we ever get by without it! The service from the BIBO team is second to none – we had a problem with the initial installation which was corrected without any fuss or bother. As owners of a B & B we make an awful lot of hot drinks for our guests (and ourselves of course!) and this is where the BIBO scores over the kettle as there is constant hot water available. The filtered cold water is also a bonus. We would recommend the BIBO without any reservation.”
Janet and Pete
November 18, 2011
“Excellent service – ordered and installed within 24 hours. Friendly staff. Would definitely recommend this fantastic product.”
Karon Tolton
December 21,2011
” We don’t have room in the kitchen for one of those lovely American style fridges with built-in water coolers. When I saw the advert for the Bibo I was thrilled to see that there was an affordable way of having chilled filtered water with the bonus of throwing out the kettle! I ordered the machine online on Sunday night, was telephone by a charming lady at 9.00am Monday to arrange installation for Wednesday. Engineer rang to ask if he could come half an hour earlier than arranged! Thirty minutes later we had chilled or boiling water dispensed from a really attractive machine. Beautiful colour control panel which is a doddle to use. All in all a great experience and I will recommend this to all who will listen. ”
David Martin
November 24, 2011
“We have had our BIBO for just over a month – how did we ever get by without it! The service from the BIBO team is second to none – we had a problem with the initial installation which was corrected without any fuss or bother. As owners of a B & B we make an awful lot of hot drinks for our guests (and ourselves of course!) and this is where the BIBO scores over the kettle as there is constant hot water available. The filtered cold water is also a bonus. We would recommend the BIBO without any reservation.”
Janet and Pete
November 18, 2011