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fizz cylinders

R 380.00

Need a bit of a refill? Every CO2 gas cylinder can make up to 60 liters of fizz in your drink. Remember when purchasing your refills, to send back your used CO2 gas cylinders for R100 back.

Please note we do not offer R100 back on brands other than BIBO. We’ll deliver all full cylinders right to your door and collect all the empties. Our couriers send one driver to do the pickup and another to collect, which may be at different times. Sometimes they funk it up a bit and send the collector before the deliverer. While this may seem a little odd to us non-courier experts, it seems to make sense to them, and they do the couriering really well – so who are we to argue?

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  1. Veschini.maharaj

    Love my Bibo Bar and my Bibo Fizz. My order was delivered but to date, the fizz cylinders have not been collected.

  2. Andi Bengis

    This is a great product but even better is the amazing service from Bibo and their courier. I ordered a refill in the morning, two hours later the courier was here to collect the empty gas cylinders and an hour after that, the new ones were delivered!

  3. Sadia Murray

    Great product, hassle free purchase, very happy

  4. Michelle Blackie

    Very happy with my purchase. Great product, easy order experience and overall positive experience. Highly recommended

  5. Richard Brandt

    Great stuff!

  6. BIBO

    Keep sparkling 🙂

  7. Mathe O

    My fizz is the best thing for a sparkling water addict like me.

  8. BIBO

    The spark(le) never fades with the BIBO fizz. So happy to hear you’re still loving it after all these years. 🙂

  9. Hanan

    I have this machine for years and it’s the best thing ever no more buying fizzy water. Very happy with it

  10. BIBO

    Thanks so much for the review. We’re always excited to hear from our long-standing customers who are still enjoying their bubbles after many years. 🙂 We also appreciate your feedback regarding the cost and assure you that we continuously evaluate our pricing structure to ensure it remains fair and competitive within the market. Unfortunately, due to the significant weakening of the Rand, we had to make our first cylinder price adjustment in 5 years. However, we also recognise that affordability is a crucial part of your overall experience, and we apologise if the latest price adjustments have been a drawback for you. Please remember to always return your used cylinders for R100 back.

  11. minutelli

    Great product and we have had ours forever. I do find it is becoming very expensive!

  12. kay

    Very Happy..
    Best fizzy water out!!

  13. Team BIBO

    Thanks so much for sharing your experience here. We’re sorry that you’re not always finding the BIBO fizz cylinders to be consistent. We assure you that each cylinder is weighed and measured according to the specifications before we dispatch them. Things become a bit tricky because the amount of gas used really varies according to the user and how they use the machine. For example, some people give the BIBO fizz button a few more pumps than others depending on the level of fizz they’d like in their drink. Even the same user may make their fizz a bit differently each time. We guarantee that we’ll continue to monitor the quality of the fizz cylinders with an extra close eye. 🙂

  14. accounts12

    The gas does not seem to last consistently, other than that, we’re happy with the product and service.

  15. lizette.zandberg07@gmail.com

    Love my Bibo fizz enjoy every drink I make with it

  16. alfredacarol

    Very happy with this product. Useful when entertaining. Great not to run out of sparkling water.
    Also great to be able to re fizz flat cooldrinks.

  17. Nicolene

    Great product and service

  18. megan1

    Bibo sparkling water is my favourite! Much prefer it to other brands. The fizz bar is super cute and works fantastically plus the overall service from Bibo is amazing

  19. rabbihadar

    Great product, efficient service, competitive pricing! Highly recommended!

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