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Seven Minutes

“You’re the best mom in the whole world. Even better than Ryder’s mom who once gave us chocolate for lunch.”

If you’re a mom, you’ll know that these compliments don’t always come freely. You’ll understand that competing with chocolate for lunch will often result in failure. And you’ll also understand that competing with chocolate for lunch, albeit tempting, isn’t always the smartest, momsiest choice.

This compliment was not a result of sugar. This compliment, in fact, was a direct result of simply serving the kids a (healthy), delicious fizzed iced tea. And while we know that seven minutes later she was called a monkey face for not allowing him to play frisbee with her great-grandmother’s china, for those seven minutes, she really did feel like the best mom in the whole world.

It’s been a tough couple of months – and yes we are talking about the pandemic – but more specifically the pandemic at home. Keeping your kids entertained and healthy seems almost impossible these days. Almost. But after asking a few moms about their experiences with creating fizzy recipes for their monsters kids, we felt the need to share the positive feedback.

The mom who beat out Ryder’s told us that the drink she dazzled her plate-throwing youngster with, was simply the Watermelon Flavoured Cold Infusion Tea Bags from Woolies, infused with ice-cold water and sparkled with her BIBO fizz bar. Not only did it make her the best mom in the whole world (for seven minutes), but she involved her kids in the process and the result was both healthy and delicious.

Click below to find some other recipes you can make using the BIBO fizz (for you, not your kids – unless maybe you’re Ryder’s mom)

Unlike any other soda machine on the market, the BIBO fizz bar lets you add sparkle to just about anything. Water, floats, tea infusions, you name it and BIBO will fizz it. Spoil yourself, your family and friends. Get yours today!

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