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Our water is oh so pure. Here’s why

We know it looks good. We know it tastes good. But did you know the BIBO bar is also just good for you and your families health?

The water from our BIBO products is pure, healthy and delicious. And we only use fancy technology to ensure that it is thoroughly filtered and purified, to keep you healthy and safe always.

The BIBO bar is equipped with the powerful BIBO zapper. Not only does it sound cool, but this ensures that almost all bacteria, pathogens and living micro-organisms are removed from your water. It does this by emitting electromagnetic waves that keep the water free from bacteria and germs.

We also use a multistage carbon block filter, that has a minute 5 micron pore structure that removes even the smallest particles. It eliminates organic and inorganic matter as well as contaminants such as hormones and arsenic, and 99.95% of chlorine. But it’s clever too, in the way that it leaves behind all the essential and healthy minerals like magnesium and calcium. Fancy huh?



The multistage carbon block filter only needs to be replaced every 6 months and the BIBO zapper replaced every year. And if you sign up for our BringMeMyFilter package, we will track your BIBO bar’s filter needs and send you filters as and when you need them – see, we really thought of everything.

Congrats for getting to the end of this post. We know it was more words than usual, but we just wanted to make sure that you understood how important is it to us that when you push that button, you’re receiving the healthiest, purest and best water – that keeps out the nasty stuff – EVERY TIME.

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